Successful Communication

Successful Communication

Successful or effective communication is necessary among humans because of our need to connect. What is one common mechanism that stops effective communication?

1. The sales manager accompanies his trainee on a sales call. Afterwards the manager states that the trainee made a better presentation than he could have made, yet the sale failed. In a phone evaluation, the prospect stated that while he heard the agent say all the right words, he got a feeling that the agent was begging him not to buy. What common personality mechanism caused that failure?

2. A man’s wife expressed sorrow that all her cousins treated her as though she was a helpless crybaby, never taking her seriously for anything. His wife believed that she was presenting herself as a strong and capable woman. What was she actually expressing that made the others feel that she was not strong and capable?

The common problem is a self-defeating one. We believe we are expressing one thought, feeling or action while the other person has a different interpretation. What personality mechanism causes this lack of communication?

This “common” issue is like the “common cold”. Everybody gets it but nobody knows how to cure it. Let me assist you in discovering what personality mechanisms are causing your unsuccessful communication and control them. Best email