MOMENTUM COUNSELING is my primary method for saving marriages from divorce. For mental health counseling I use a number of strong methods such as Gestalt and Psychodynamics.

Common Denominator

Every marriage on the brink of divorce has one thing in common. From the beginning of that marriage one or the other had something to say but did not. Two of the fears were that it might embarrass the other or perhaps cause an argument. So the person “swept the issue under the proverbial carpet”. Over the years those unresolved issues built until the couple could no longer stand the pressure. They felt they had to try to resolve them to save their marriage.

The Key Phrase

The key phrase is “too many.” The too many unresolved issues caused them to feel overwhelmed. Divorce seemed the only way to achieve relief.

Cause of Momentum

I designed Momentum Counseling to help the couple discover six new issues per session. They then could begin the process of resolving them bit by bit. Once a hidden issue was brought into the conscious mind, the couple would have to address it. They would work on it at home and in sessions. In addition, their minds would work through them subconsciously 24/7.


When the couple learned that they were actually in the process of resolving six new issues every week, they felt HOPE. Feeling hope, the couple no longer wanted a divorce. And the hope did other things too. One of the most notable was their return to sex, making love. Many couples having troubled marriages give up sex. Once they feel the hope generated by Momentum Counseling they return to the enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

Business Model

Traditional counseling such as Person Centered usually addresses only one issue at a time. Only when that issue has been resolved does the counselor allow the patient to address another issue. But one must remember that traditional counseling is a business model. That model was designed to  allow a counselor to have a predictable income as do other professions. The procedure of resolving only one issue at a time allows the counselor to retain the patient longer.

My Christian Model

My Christian beliefs have never allowed me to use the business model. Jesus healed on the spot. I certainly do not have the power of Jesus to heal immediately. So I endeavor to release my clients from pain as quickly as possible. Creating a method where a client can begin the process of healing six new issues every week is my answer. The mind is capable of working through all those issues we discover at every session.

Lane A Stokes, LPC, M.Div., MS
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