Free Counseling?

Yes, you may have free counseling if you meet the criteria. It makes sense to want free counseling in these days as good counseling costs from $180 to $250 per 50 minute session. I got the idea from a colleague who gave free counseling to one of her patients.

Is anything really free? No. The “free counseling” cost her patient something, but it was not money. Are we talking about bartering? No. The patient needed professional counseling for his depression. He simply did something for his counselor that was easy and natural for him to do. The counselor liked what he did and therefore charged him no money for her counseling.

I charge $195 per session and you can have free sessions. What would be something you could do for me that would be easy and natural for you that would help my counseling business? Call and leave a message at 404-487-1956 and let’s discuss your idea.

Lane A Stokes   404-487-1956