Why me for Counseling? I use faster methods than other counselors. Most counselors use the Person-Centered method. The counselor listens, the clients talk. It is the responsibility of the client or clients to keep talking until they can identify the issues that bother them. Then it is their responsibility to find ways to resolve those issues. The counselor helps by listening and by telling the client(s) when they are “getting warm”, or headed toward the correct answer. It can take years for clients to discover and resolve issues by this method that is considered the “Gold Standard” for counseling. I stopped using it 34 years ago when I began private practice.

I now use Pinpoint Therapy. I do not put the client in a category like depression or anxiety because doing so often misses the most important reasons for the emotional pain. The patient and I work together to sift through all his or her thoughts, feelings, statements, and behaviors to pinpoint the  most offending cause. (See the “I Feel Shame” under the heading “Pinpoint Therapy”.) Pinpoint Therapy has replaced the former methods of resolving the 28 issues or the eight causes, momentum counseling and the others once thought to be very fast.

For marriage counseling I use a totally new method. First, the couple and I talk through the Communication Structures that have prevented good communication since the beginning of the marriage. Once free of those structures, I teach them my course of How to Learn to be Married” in 22 hours over 22 weeks. After that they have the skills to have a successful, happy and loving union.

I have other Condensed Counseling Courses that help couples and families. One of the best is “Emotional Control”. The individuals learn how their emotions control their thoughts, feelings, behavior and what they say. In most cases they can use the patterns they learn to change their thoughts, feelings, behaviors and what they say to have more of what they want. Due to my creativity and innovation I am continuously developing newer and more effective ways to do therapy.

These are some of the reasons you should choose me. I invite you to return to this website often to learn more reasons for choosing me as your therapist.

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