Below you will find some testimonials written by various clients. They will attest to my character and skills. The second group will be from clients in 2013 and 2010 who needed jobs. In 2010 practically nobody was getting hired. I used a special assessment and teaching method to help them get good jobs usually within six months of my work with them. This was phenomenal success at the time. What I did mainly during my seven hour discussions with them was to raise their self-esteem and self-confidence. Then they called businesses where they wanted to work, talked the executive into granting an interview and talked the executives into hiring them. Rather than seek a job for which there was an advertisement, they created the jobs themselves.

The first group is more recent, within the past few years. These are predominantly clients I helped through my skills as a Licensed Professional Counselor. The testimonials speak for themselves, ten of them elevating me to an overall 5 Star rating. No rewards were offered or paid for these reviews.