What to Expect

I recently saw an ophthalmologist about an eye issue. He gave me an appointment for two weeks away for a procedure. The problem was that he gave me no information verbal or written about what to expect. So I looked up the procedure on the Internet and was horrified at what would happen. I cancelled the appointment and found another who comforted me with information as to what to expect.

Counseling is no different. No matter how brave we are, not knowing what to expect can terrify us. I believe that so many people don’t seek counseling to help with personal issues  because they don’t know what to expect. They may have gone to counseling before or perhaps heard friends talking about their experiences. Think about it: it means calling a complete stranger to talk about a sensitive personal issue. You don’t know this person. Is he or she friendly? Will I be put at ease immediately? Might  he or she be interested in me or genuinely care about me? Could the counselor have enough experience treating my kind of problem? Will he or she use the right kind of method? I think Cognitive Therapy would be best. Will psychodynamics work? Not knowing the answers is why those who need help keep postponing calling a counselor.

A person has a lot of questions about the ease of talking with this stranger before ever getting to the issues at hand. This is the main reason I invite a prospective client to talk to me in a complimentary consultation. I want the opportunity to put the person at ease by smiling, letting them see my friendly, loving eyes, starting a conversation by asking a question or two. It’s why my first entry under this heading is “Why do people love my counseling?” Read it. If you have questions, call 404-487-1956 to ask me. I don’t bite. I’m a naturally caring person whom others say I am easy to talk with.