Mental Illness Therapy

In the past 27 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Clinician, Marriage and Family Counselor I have treated most mental and psychological issues. The following is a sample of many that I have been trained by psychiatrists, psychologists and other counseling professionals  to treat.

Anxiety is the expression of most of our worry and fear. Most can be treated easily with medication, but often the cause is more serious and comes from deeper causes. One of my specialties is finding the deeper causes.

Shame is considered the root cause of most of our misery. Because people feel ashamed to talk about shame, they do not readily identify it as the cause of any problem. That where I come in handy as a professional counselor. I am gentle in introducing the ways in which shame as an emotion is causing disturbances.

Guilt is often the side-kick of shame though it is not half the problem. Many feel guilty and do not know that they are. One of the things I do well is to explain how guilt may be coloring one’s reaction to certain events.

Transitions are often overlooked as the cause of anxiety. The fact is that most of us are always in some kind of transition either from job, relationships, body changes, emotional disturbances, or changes in thought patterns. When a person comes to me for counseling, my first thought is to look for possible transitions of which the person is unaware.

Depression is often named in relationship to anxiety. Too often it is treated only with medication. In my early training I was taught to overcome it without use of medication. It is a common mental illness produced by sad events or chemical imbalance, but some can only be treated by deeper means of therapy. I specialize in finding the deeper causes.

Stress is a catch-all reason offered for the need for counseling. Much of what causes stress is not recognized by the person complaining about it. That’s why an experienced professional counselor is needed to read between the lines of what is being said.

Relationship is often a problem for every person on planet earth. Friendship and love is vital to all. We grow up without effective skills in relationship because those who raised us could not teach us good relationship skills. I teach eight such skills that if a couple had them before getting married would most likely never get a divorce.

Couples and Marriages is more specific in speaking of relationships. I have spent a lifetime learning how to make couples and marriage relationships faster and easier to make successful and happy. When I learned how to help couples have a happy and loving marriage in 22 HOURS, I knew that I had conquered the marriage issue.

Sexual Intimacy is a huge factor for all normal humans. It is considered extremely important in marriage and often problematic for unmarried couples and teens tempted to indulge. It is a very complex subject. I do not claim to be a Sex Therapist but do work closely with all my couples in handling its many facets.

Intimacy is equally important in relationships. It is not physical but the willingness to risk talking about difficult subjects in relationship. It, more than sex, pulls couples closer together in love.

ADHD/ADD is a very serious mental illness that begins in childhood and causes many problems that may last a lifetime. We are finding it occurring more in adults now. One major symptom is forgetfulness. Another is the prevention of thousands of social cues. Those who have this disease feel disoriented and “crazy”. It is one of my specialties. I have cataloged ways to quickly teach clients to overcome the distresses of the disease.

Bipolar Disorder is a very serious genetic mental illness that can cause death if not properly medicated. Once properly medicated, I help the client overcome those elements that render him or her unsuccessful in work and relationships. There are sound reasons the client believes the self to be controlled by cosmic forces.

Anger is often a lifelong issue that begins in childhood and lasts a lifetime unless successfully treated. It often causes the person to form negative feelings toward self that I help unravel through Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Therapy.

Low Self Esteem is the cause of more problems for clients than most are aware. It the one main cause of being unhappy in general. The causes range from shallow to deep in the psyche of the client. I am always fascinated at the ways in which clients of all ages develop and maintain low self esteem. It can be fairly easy to boost into high self-esteem.

Low Self-Confidence usually goes hand in hand with low self esteem. I hardly ever treat one without the other. Both are vital in the development of the person for success in life, work and relationship.

Narcissism is a very misunderstood mental illness. The Narcissistic Personality Disorder is the most popular version that most people refer to, but narcissism is not always a disorder. People generally think of narcissists as “selfish” but they are not. Rather, they believe themselves to be “entitled” to whatever they wish. In marriage, for instance, they believe themselves to be entitled to a wife and as many sexual relationships with others as they can muster. In business and sales they excel, making lots of money but in love they do not excel. They basically “buy” a wife and children by giving expensive gifts, home, cars and whatever money will buy. Love, is a challenge always as loving, caring and empathy do not come naturally. If a woman can be satisfied with all money can buy and ignore his sexual misconduct, the marriage can be happy. But most women tire of money and want love. That’s when the problems begin.

Spirituality is an important part of the person’s life though many refuse to admit to it. Whether one is a believer in God or an atheist, the fact is that within all of us we have a spirit. I have a master’s in theology and do help many who have unanswered questions within about their spiritual status.

LGBTQ+ is a new challenge in our society with some sixty-one variations by which individuals are finding identity. I do not claim to be an expert in this field but am a good listener in helping parents, especially, to understand and accept their children.

Other is the category of issues I have had the privilege of help my clients resolve. One was a woman who refused medical advice with the belief that her issues were psychological. It took us a year, but we discovered the psychological elements that brought about healing of her ailment. I was not specifically trained to treat this issue but was trained in the method of counseling used.

So, if you have an unresolved issue, call or email and lets talk about what I may be able to do to help you get what you want. I have a strong record of 27 years for helping all manner of clients do just that.