Do you have a controlling personality? Most who do are not even aware that they do. Even family and friends are not aware of your controlling personality. So, is there a problem? Yes, a big one. If you have a controlling personality, you are making all the decisions for yourself and those around you, even though you are not aware. Those around you seldom get to make a decision as to what they want to do because you don’t let them, even though neither of you are aware of your controlling personality. Think about it. What is life like for you?

What are the characteristics of your life? Are you bossy? Do you become impatient when others don’t do what you ask or demand? Do you criticize the appearance of others so that they dress or act in ways pleasing to you? Do you want to know where your spouse or children are at all times? Do you pout when you don’t get your way? Do you shun healthy boundaries? Do you use guilt-tripping, gaslighting and possessiveness to control others? If you answer is yes to most of these, you have a controlling personality. That makes YOU the problem when around others. Is that who you want to be? Better still, would you like to learn how you became this way and how to change your personality to stop being the controller?

Again, the key to who you are, the personality you display is to be found in your childhood. Believe it or not, finding out why you control is usually not that difficult if the professional counselor you employ uses Psychoanalytic or Psychodynamic Therapies. What events and attitudes caused your need to control is found in your Unconscious Mind and these two methods of therapy are best for finding that information quickly. I am available if you want to learn more about your personality and how to change or modify it.

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