Communication Structures

“Communication Structure” is my term for a particular type of barrier to communication that I discovered in 2022. Before that I noticed the effects but could not find the cause. I found no reference to the phenomenon anywhere in written literature.

Then one day I noticed the correlation between a man’s personality conflict with family members and how that conflict prevented arguments from coming to a close. From then I noticed similar conflicts among other family members and couples. What shocked me was realizing how salespersons set up such conflicts with their customers at the beginning of or during a sales presentation.

Once I found the cause it became easier to discover the barriers to communication in all my clients. The stuctures differ per individual, but the cause is the same. The other thing that became clear was that these barriers had, in many cases, been caused years before. One example was when couples were first married and could not bring up for discussion certain topics of concern. Such unresolved issues carried forward the initial conflicts and emotions that in turn caused present arguments or to intensify existing ones. Most of the unresolved issues were caused by Communication Structures so that when I found and overcame those, few other issues remained.

When I discovered the best relationship skills, I could then teach those after resolving the Communication Structures. With the discovery of how to teach a couple how to have a happy and loving relationship in 22 hours, teaching those skills made counseling basically unnecessary for those couples. It made me understand that if those individuals had learned those skills while growing up, it’s doubtful that they would have ever needed marriage or family counseling. In effect, teaching my 22 hour course made individuals their own relationship counselors.

While I don’t consider Communication Structures to be a panacea for all relationship conflicts, their discovery does seem to more quickly render family and work conflicts less worrisome. To learn how to find such structures disturbing your own communication with family and others, contact Lane Stokes, LPC. Contact information provided below. A good start is to notice how certain discussions, arguments and fights seem to never end.

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