Tired of waking up Sad and dragging through the day?

You have depression. Let’s get rid of it by changing your life and your outlook.

I got my training after graduate school in a practicum with a very insightful psychiatrist as mentor and supervisor. The practicum took place in a mental health clinic where medication was handed out like candy to control mental illness like depression. There simply were too many patients and not enough time for therapy to treat what drugs could camouflage so easily. The exception was me. My mentor would direct many depressed patients to me to treat without drugs. It was up until that time the most valuable training of my life.

Make an appointment and lets talk about your depression, your sadness, slowness, sluggishness, belief in being worthless and perhaps even thoughts of suicide. Here’s a new thought: “Think of depression as a pause in which you reorder and jump start your life.” Do you know that depression may be unexpressed anger or anger expressed inwardly. Try getting really angry and see if your depression is still controlling you. Lace up your running shoes and run for five minutes. Where did your depression go? Come see me and lets talk about the many other ways you can prevent waking up sad and dragging through the day.

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