Be Astounded!

Why be astounded? Most are when they take my introductory course How to Listen.

“You never listen to me! I don’t feel heard!” When was the last time you heard somebody say one of these? Do you know that most of us never learn the skills of listening or hearing? How old were you when your mother pulled you aside and said, “Now I’m going to teach you how to listen.” She never did because nobody ever taught her to listen. From the first word we understood we began self-interpreting what words and phrases meant. By self-interpreting none of us need to listen or hear. So we listen with half an ear when our spouse, children, friends and work associates are talking.

My two-hour course teaches you to listen. When I read the first paragraph and then ask the participant to repeat the words, he or she is shocked–and lost. Listening is to every word is to get the facts. How can you communicate without facts? Then I have you listen to words that upset you and watch you drop or add words in your confusion. Ever wonder why a discussion turns into an argument or an argument into a fight? It’s not listening and being unable to repeat the facts. I teach you how to do that in just two hours on Zoom for $200.

Besides, listening is the most loving thing you can do for your spouse, child or friend. When a person realizes that you are actually listening to him or her, that person will get excited and feel like he or she is the most important person on earth. For that reason alone you want to learn to listen.
When you learn to listen, everybody around you will be astounded!


Lane A Stokes, LPC 404-487-1956