Learn to Hear

What are the two most important skills for communication? Listening and Hearing.

Learning to hear is the most difficult. I spent two years in a chaplaincy program where the experts were supposed to teach me how to hear. They never did because they didn’t know how to teach it. I’ve learned to teach you how. I don’t know anybody else who teaches that skill. It takes three hours on Zoom and costs $600, but it is worth every penny.

“I don’t feel heard” is too common in America. You may even say or feel it sometimes yourself. There is nothing more upsetting than for others not to understand what your words mean. In America we learn to self-interpret what we think the person means, but that is not the same as letting the speaker know that you understand what he or she means by his or her own words. This course teaches you how to hear others. You can have your spouse, children, friends and work associates take the course so they will finally learn what you mean by what you say. Sign up by emailing [email protected]

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