Falling Back in Love

There are a few things the couple must do to fall back in love. Having sex is one. It is the most important physical expression of human love. If they are still capable of making love, the couple must endeavor to do it. Most do not know this, but after the “love chemicals” wore off after six months, then the problems of having sex began. The couple must begin somewhere in physical touching until they enjoy the intercourse that generally follows.

Argument is a requirement of a happy marriage. Fighting is not. Some couples brag of never having an argument. Their’s is not much of a marriage in my opinion. Sometimes an argument is needed so that both get to put forward ideas and desires important to him or her. This is especially true when one is shy or less assertive than the other. But, the man is never allowed to raise his voice unless he is the shy or less assertive one. Should either use a mean or ugly word it is no longer an argument but a fight. Stop, cool off and continue the argument. If one continues to fight it is time to call in a Psychoanalytic Therapist to discover the cause from the unconscious mind.

Some of my Condensed Counseling Courses will prove helpful in each of the couple understanding the self and other better. Love and marriage is complicated enough. It is not helpful for much of the complications to be created by the individual’s personality conflicts or ignorance of how his or her emotions operate.