Underlying Cause


What prevents you from finding the Underlying Cause of your issue? An Underlying Cause of a psychological issue is very complex and deeply rooted. Only a therapist who is especially trained can discover and treat such a cause. What becomes a cause of distress later in life begins as an innocent unconscious need. Each child unconsciously forms an identity to distinguish the self in a family role or to get along with peers. As he or she grows toward maturity, the features of these identities are embellished until it is needed no longer, usually due to problems they cause in reaching personal goals, in relationships or on the job. Early in my professional career I began noticing many Underlying Causes and helping patients and clients to overcome them. If you are tired of being held back from getting what you want, tired of asking family and friends for help they cannot give you, tired of reading self-help books and taking courses that obviously are not getting you where you want to be, call me and let’s talk. and we can begin the process of finding out what’s holding you back. Contact Lane at lanestokes18@yahoo.com or 800-989-8037.