Premarital Counseling


Premarital Counseling is very important for a wonderful marriage. Below, I offer programs to bring the couple to the point of Premarital Counseling whether they are already in love and having sex or not.


Premarital counseling for Protestants has normally been one or two complimentary sessions with the pastor who is to perform the marriage service. For Catholics, it is usually a long process that is very effective in stopping couples who are unsuited for marriage or bringing about the union of marriage for those who are. It is one major reason so few Catholics divorce. I developed such a program called “Marriage Insurance” but found that by the time a couple was ready for premarital counseling they were already deeply in love, having sex and the “unseens” were in control, making the counseling useless. So, I changed my focus for bringing about a marriage.


First, I developed a dating process by which singles could choose the right person for marriage. Singles too often settle for the wrong person and the process I put them through a process to prevent that from happening. Part of that process is the Marriage Assessment I created that can identify up to 430 personality conflicts. If the couple finds too many conflicts, they drop that person to find another. Once they find that perfect person, we use Marriage Counseling to get them off toward a wonderful marriage defined by ten modules found in my copyrighted Marriage Assessment.


Second, for those already in love, having sex, and blinded by love chemicals, I provide the Marriage Assessment to make them aware of all the personality conflicts they must eradicate or control in order to have that wonderful marriage.


Some of the singles come to me from divorces wanting to get it right this time. I put them through a Divorce Recovery Program and then start the dating process with them as mentioned above.


So, I meet singles in every situation and help them marry well through Premarital Counseling of many types. Please do not get married without considering what I offer. Contact me, Lane Stokes, at or 404-487-1956.