For a first marriage, couples come to Premarital Counseling already in love, “Love Chemicals”convincing them that their marriage will not have problems like others’. In other words, they will not listen to reason, so the best we can do is make them aware of certain conflicts of personality they will have to deal with and teach them better skills of communication.

For couples who have been divorced once or more times and wary of another failure, Premarital Counseling is the best time for them to learn possible reasons why they should not get married, as well as learn better forms of communication to make their next marriage more successful. We offer:

1. A way to forecast what immediate changes of personality may begin right after marriage.

2. An assessment to determine personality conflicts that will occur by merging their two personalities.

3. Teaching them the skill of talking through issues to completion or compromise.

4. Assist them in identifying their ways of communicating emotionally.

5. Assist them in agreeing on division of household chores.