Divorce Prevention Therapy is an advanced form of marriage Counseling. The therapist has spent at least 25 years as a marriage counselor and has been trained to quickly transform chaos into tranquility. This is important because by the time a couple mentions divorce as an option for settling marital differences they have 10 to 20 unresolved issues. Any one of these issues could end the marriage. They are also using a great number of ineffective means of communication. Most often, these couples never learned to talk through issues as they occurred and allowed them to accumulated unresolved over years. When the emotional pain finally gets too terrible to continue, they feel helpless and hopeless, and seeing no way out, they rush to a divorce attorney for quick relief. Couples may go to a counselor first, but if that counselor shows no talent in quick resolution, the couple seeks a divorce attorney. Divorce Prevention Therapy was developed expressly for showing resolution of issues in the first session.