Dating Successfully is the first step toward a good relationship. Dating Successfully is also the first step toward the Wonderful Marriage described on the Home Page. My program for dating helps you choose the right person for you as defined by you and then keep you accountable as I assist you in establishing a good, loving relationship with that person. Your agreement with me will be to quickly discard those who do not meet your criteria so as not to get too attached to the wrong person–the number one reason people get stuck in bad relationships. If you pay the group rate of $75 a session you may have the benefit of having a group of people encouraging you into the love of your choice.

Human communication is Deep calling to Deep, like whales sounding under water. Your mate does not ultimately come from a dating app, but from the two of you attracting each other from afar. I’ve helped people find the right jobs quickly by this method and it works just as well for finding the right person to date. I used the method for years in writing descriptions of women I wanted to date and then meeting them within one to three days. When I decided to marry, I met my wife of now 30+ years the next day. This communication brings us together so that when we are ready to meet, we do, through a system like the one I use for Date Successfully. Join me and find out how to “call” your perfect life’s mate. Call Lane at 800-989-8037 in Roswell GA or email for more information.