Health Insurance was the first disease to weaken professional counseling. In 1992 Managed Care Insurance promised $60 per session and hundreds of therapists starving for patients joined. Many of the best counselors charging as much as $140 quit for lack of patients, many taking secular jobs. The chief damage was to the perceived value of counseling. It wasn’t worth as much as $140 anymore. It was only worth $60 to the growing number of patients ignorant of the difference between non-experienced and experienced therapists.

What was the difference between $60 a session and $140. My first client for $60 was a divorced couple wanting to remarry. I spent two years getting them back together. Today I could do that in six months or less because of 34 years of experience learning. In 1992 a couple would have gone to 104 sessions for $6240 or paid $140 a session X 24 sessions for $3360. All the driving in traffic for 104 sessions and paid double. That was the difference.

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