When Counseling More Problem Than Solution

Imagine my dismay one day in January 2022 when I realized that Counseling was more the problem than the solution. I had been working several days on summarizing the sessions of a couple when it came to me that the counseling was expanding the issues more than resolving them. For 34 years I had been a marriage counselor and never seen it. All those years I had worked tirelessly to make counseling easier, less time consuming and less expensive. Had I not found a way to reduce the time for resolving thirty big issues from three years or more to seven months? Had I not found a way to save a crashing marriage in three months? Yes, so what was the problem? Basically, I was attempting to cause a couple to love more by allowing them to talk endlessly about why they weren’t loving.

I will write more about this in my next article pertaining to counseling being helpful yet a problem.

Lane Stokes, CounselingServicesAtlanta.com; [email protected]