What Makes One Obese?

Weight Reduction is a multibillion dollar industry. Overweight persons turn their weight issues over to the experts to resolve. I remember a person telling me that she lost 750 pounds every year while on a well-advertised weight control program. What she meant was that she lost 20 pounds, gained it back, lost it again and so forth during the year. She apparently lost the 20 pounds twelve times during the year. Since learning to help people control their emotions, I have seen many different causes of such weight gain and loss.

Do you know which emotions cause you to eat more? Do you know how those emotions trigger one another to cause you to eat? Sometimes you might eat some comfort food at the urging of one emotion. When another emotion is triggered, you might really stuff in your favorite comfort food. What’s the difference in the triggers? Why not ask me instead of continuing the patterns toward waist expansion? You mail email me at [email protected]