What Do You Want?
Covid jarred millions of people awake! They had been dozing off in life doing the same old thing, nearly brain dead. How much intelligence does it take to set the alarm, wake up, dress, miss breakfast and go to work? Work eight hours or more doing the same old thing? Drive home alone, plop down in the easy chair and drink a beer? Eat supper, watch TV and set the alarm? How much of your life have you wasted doing the same old thing every day for years?

If you wanted to change, how would you do it? Have you ever thought about it? I have. I would find out everything I could about my personality to determine of what I could be capable.

Take real estate sales, for instance. How many hundreds of women especially have pursued real estate sales? I say women because they have been told they have the gift of gab and would be perfect for sales. They study and pass the test, sign on with a broker, buy the Mercedes and clothes to look successful, then mingle at parties to meet prospective clients. Passing out business cards is a favorite endeavor. She will find somebody who wants to buy a house or her broker will refer one. She will feel hopeful as she shows a variety of houses according to the stated tastes of the buyers. Somewhere between the showing and parting of ways she will have to close the sale. The buyer will have to sign on the dotted line. Then she discovers that her gift of gab is not enough. It is very sad.

What are your talents for making a new job successful? Name your personality traits that will possibly set up conflicts with others. While you are thinking that your smile and positive attitude are impressing another, how is that person actually percieving you? What emotions inside you have always stopped your success in your endeavors? What emotions control you every day? How can you take away their control.? What are the things you most often say that turn others off, that might sabotage a hiring interview? How well do you listen? Can you understand what the other means by his or her words? Do you find it difficult to perceive the hidden meanings, those “between the lines”? How many of these questions have you answered?

How can you find out the answers to these questions? You’re in luck! After i figured out how to find them for myself I wrote programs to teach others. Oh, I know, you are an American. Your parents taught you to solve your own problems. But did they ever say that you could get help from others? I can help you or you can spend the rest of your life trying to figure out how to get these answers. Your choice. It’s not counseling so there’s no stigma. You can even brag to your friends about the guru you’ve found. You can even have fun telling them about the trek you made up the Hymalayes mountains to find me if you love making up stories. Or you could contact me for a chat.

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