You want to be loved. Of course, there are many other things you want, but being loved is the most important. Loving another is equally important. How do I know what you want? Because this is the way humans are built. It is our nature.

Why then, is it so hard to be loved and to love in ways that we desire? As a marriage counselor of 34 years I can tell you that the reasons are endless. The main one is that we do not know how to communicate. More precisely, we do not possess the skills of listening and hearing when the other is talking to us.

Love communication is scary without those two skills of listening and hearing. That’s certainly two reasons we don’t seek out the other to talk. Would you like to change that? Would you like to flood your life with more love and closeness? I can teach you in a few sessions. It is better to learn as a couple, but we can do it individually if you will practice what you learn with somebody.

Call me 404-487-1956. You’re no doubt holding the phone in your hand right now. It’s what people do nowadays. Let’s chat. No pressure. Let’s set up a session so you can find out how easy it is. Or, if it makes you nervous to call a stranger, email [email protected].

Consultations cost nothing and the relief is priceless!

Lane A Stokes, LPC 404-487-1956