Why is the word “divorce” a predictor of the end of a marriage? It usually means that communication problems are out of control. A marriage counselor is needed at this point. The marriage must be put back together faster than the couple tears it down.   Such communication problems started in the beginning of the relationship. Husband or wife had something to ask or say and did not. Maybe she was afraid it might embarrass her husband. He may have feared saying it the wrong way and starting an argument or fight. For whatever reason the issue was “swept under the carpet”. Over time these issues accumulated. Then they came out all at one time to overwhelm the couple and put them out of control.

When the word “divorce” pops up in conversation, it is not the time to use your Employee Assistance Counselor or one you can pay for with insurance. These are normally less experienced generalists with limited knowledge,. A specialist is needed who can put the marriage back together faster than the couple can tear it down. These specialists are quite expensive, somewhere in the $190 to $230 range. Counselors are an unusual lot. You may get a kid fresh out of a PhD who charges $250 in the beginning, but most will only charge what they think they are worth.

Think of the money you pay as an investment in your happiness. It is money you should have paid for marriage counseling in the very beginning and all along. You didn’t pay it then because you thought that you could succeed at the most complex and complicated relationship on planet earth without professional help. Now it has caught up with you. The best counselors have spent their entire lifetime curious about how to help others have the happiness and love they have wanted.

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