Seeing the Handwriting on the Wall

Several years ago I saw the handwriting on the wall. Insurance companies stopped paying my claims. I was owed $8000 and couldn’t get it even with help from the Ga Insurance Commissioner. He got some, but not all. So I re-invented myself by becoming a self-pay therapist. I increased my fee and began advertizing for married couples in trouble. At least I was able to survive financially. But then Covid hit and half my clients lost their jobs. I limped along for awhile until I saw the hand writing on the wall again. I realized that I was competing with thousands of counselors both good and mediocre or inexperienced. I was also competing with those who did counseling as a hobby. Many were supported by a working spouse. And here coming was the hoard of would-be-clients swarming to the investor-based, $80 for 24/7 counselors. So I am moving toward a new concept. I will continue counseling as usual AND a teaching approach to educate clients on many things they could have learned in counseling if they had invested a few years and thousands of dollars in traditional counseling. This teaching will avail them of information learned by others through the struggle of counseling for years. My new clients will learn it in weeks instead of years and for a pittance compared to the thousands they would have paid. They will be able to choose categories to learn. Instead of learning only about certain subjects they will learn things every person needs to know to succeed in many areas. Those who have already availed themselves on my new method are learning why they have failed over the years, how to stop that failing and succeed in the future. They are learning what has stopped them from having all that they wanted. Their children are learning how to gain more friends , popularity and be chosen for leadership roles sought by their peers. This is wonderdul stuff. Perhaps you will choose it for yourself instead of just struggling endlessly on.