Personal Successes

“Everything you want lies on the other side of fear.” This quote comes to mind every time I work with a new person, family or couple. He, she or they are seeking a new way to understand why they cannot get something they want. The choice is to buy my program on how to use emotions to get what is desired. Most people have been shamed all their lives into believing it is fear that holds them back. When I suggest that it could be joy or sadness, they think I’m nuts. But, when I show them how their particular set of emotions operate, they understand. More precisely, they are normally amazed at how their emotions control what they think, feel and ways in which they act. “Why has nobody ever told me about this,” they ask.

It is because of their stories that I continue to invite you of the public domain to give my program a try. I recommend it as “Personal Successes” rather than how to get something one doesn’t have. I believe that our strengths get stronger the more we understand about the ways we are. They are your emotions. They operate in certain ways. Learn how they operate in you because you and they will always work in these ways. Do not allow them to control you. Take control of them and you will take control of your future.

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