Tell yourself every day, several times a day “I’m getting better every day.” You may feel discouraged, hopeless even. No matter. Tell your brain what you want it to believe. If your brain believes it, it is so. Now, how long will it take for your brain to help you actually change your luck or level of success? Who knows? What is it you want? If you were one of the 12% developmental narcissists, you wouldn’t have to say these words daily to get all the money and things you want. Developmental narcissists make money and acquire things without effort. It is there birthright. Succeeding at love relationships, however, it not their birthright and most are absolutely horrible at it according to their mates. Yet saying the words several times a day, “I’m getting better every day” could apply to getting the love and respect they so desperately need. All of us want something and to get it we have to do better at something. That’s why its imperitive to say the phrase several times a day. Who are you trying to convince? That’s coming next. Watch for it.
Lane A Stokes,