Love in Marriage faces three main challenges: First is when the mating chemicals stop making love easy and most marriages go functional instead of loving. Second is when couples do not identify personality conflicts and do not learn to communicate love in spite of the conflicts. Third is when couples are unable to identify or communicate through childhood traumas to express love.

Effective Marriage Counseling teaches couples how to replace effects of the mating chemicals to continue the marriage relationship especially in verbal intimacy and sexual intimacy. This prevents couples from giving up loving to have only a functional marriage of bill paying, chore completions, career and child care.

Effective Marriage Counseling shows couples how to identify personality conflicts and communicate verbal and sexual love day by day.
Effective Marriage Counseling teaches couples how to communicate in love the effects of childhood traumas as adults.


Statistics tell us that only 5% of marriages are grounded in the love of verbal and sexual intimacy. These couples are focused on loving one another in spite of chores, careers, children or any other distractions.
Are the 95% of marriages lost to ever having the love they missed during the years they focused on career, chores and children? No. They can make up for lost time fast.

Have you heard the name Morgan, now 93 with body of a 40 year-old. He started at age 73 with a regular physical workout and is now the picture of health.

A couple can do the same with love, reclaiming what they lost when they use my method for communication. I help them learn what their personality conflicts are and communicate verbally and sexually in Intimacy using those conflicts. I also teach them how childhood traumas have effected their communication and teach them how to how using those traumas.

And I do it for individuals too. It doesn’t have to be about love, but anything one feels he or she has lost over time.

This is the long article. Look for the shorter versions of having what you think you have lost.

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