Do You Fear Confrontation?

If you fear confrontation you are in big trouble. Usually those who fear it also fear self-assertion and never know who they are or share that wealth with others. Confrontation normally causes one to wither in the presence of one demanding his or her way. That includes not only parents, but the spouse and offspring. Work is negatively affected, raises come only at the whim of the boss whereas confrontation could win bigger promotions , incomes and benefits. Children who were bullied, women and men raped, and all who were physically, sexually and emotionally abused in childhood tend to fear confrontation. That’s more than a third of the American population. This tells you two things: 1) You have plenty of company in fearing confrontation and 2) If you will learn to be comfortable with being confronted and doing the confronting you will gain many of your old and new dreams. You will be a better friend, mate, parent and employee—maybe even an employer. Best of all, you will be able to learn who you are and become more successful in your every endeavor. Email us at Counseling Services Atlanta Group, LLC to get the professional assistance you will need in learning to confront and be confronted. Our email address is [email protected].