Covid’s Lost Opportunities

As Covid is drawing to an end—we hope—it is sad to look back at all the opportunities it provided that we missed. One would think when nobody could leave the house that families would have grown closer. Not the case. We are social animals and felt trapped by this mysterious disease. Consider some of the opportunities we missed. Couples in love could have enjoyed more sex, more lying around and holding each other, talking intimately about why they loved each other. No, too many couples never talk to their children about the joys of sex for them, their right to love, and go to great lengths to make sure their young and older kids alike never hear those noises in the bedroom. Lost opportunity for love and for teaching children the beauty of sexual love, something to look forward to when they marry. The lost opportunity of eating together at the table. More so than before, both children and adults cradled their phones as they moved about the house to and fro with no thought of enjoying each others conversations around the table. Another lost opportunity was family games. In olden days we played family games like Gin Rummy, Dominoes, Scrabble. Do your children even know what those are? So during two years when we could have found so many ways to pull together in family love, we allowed our cabin fever to push us further apart. Lost opportunities! Gone forever.

Lane Stokes, [email protected]