Do you remember feeling like you were going out of your mind during Covid? That was partially what I call Covid Depression. You might still feel like you are losing your mind. That’s still Covid Depression. Maybe we ought to persuade the psychiatrists to name it a new form of depression and place it in the DSM.

This Covid Depression acted like Dysthymia, the chronic form of depression. It came and went during Covid and continues to do so. Covid changed the world in many ways. It has had a lasting effect like no other phenomenon we can name in our generation. The treatment is not an antidepressant. It is pure talk therapy. One must discover what those early fears of this unknown disease did to rearrange his or her emotions.

It has been said by many that none of us will ever be the same because of Covid. True. When something changes one’s emotional makeup, it changes the person. There is no better time to take my Counseling Condensed Course “Understanding and Controlling One’s Emotions.”

Consultations cost nothing and the relief is priceless! Be kind to yourself

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