Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before making the incandescent light bulb work. He then lit up the world. He was determined. Do you have determination? What have you used your determination to overcome?
We humans tend to underestimate ourselves. We quickly lose sight of our accomplishments. You may have already accomplished something stupendous but didn’t notice because it didn’t help you reach some other goal.

Take a minute an remember 10 of your early accomplishments. Did you survive birth? That’s one. Did you play with other children and not isolate yourself? That’s another. Were you able to give up your fear of the dark? Could you trust yourself to make decisions? Did you learn to ride a bicycle? Did you skate down the sidewalk alone? Have you been able to not run from dogs? Maybe pet them too? Do you feel whole even when a cat ignores you? Have you learned a skill like playing the piano? No team to encourage you? That’s huge. Could you date more than one at a time? Have you remained happily married to the same person all this time? Think about all these I’ve mentioned. They are all big accomplishments, some more stupendous than others.
Think of what those mean for your entire life and its success. Trust yourself to make decisions? How many do you know who are unable to make a decision without assistance from another? Can you be a stand alone success without making your own decisions. Ever play the piano. You had to push through the hard parts like practice, practice, practice. It was great training for life when we have to push through so much that we don’t like doing. And staying married through all the major and minor changes when 70% of other bale. If you can succeed at being happy and fulfilled in marriage you ought to be able to do anything.

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