ADHD and ADD are fascinating mental health issues. We generally think of ADHD as a children’s disease. By 2021 more adults were being diagnosed with it. The three main problems experienced by both child and adult are memory, impulsivity and distractions. In order to find less problems with the condition, one must accept these symptoms as normal. Those with ADD have more difficulties with focusing on the subject at hand. Again, the successful way to treat individuals with ADD is to accept their behavior as normal. My favorite example of ADHD is Michael Phelps. He focused on swimming and won 23 gold medals at the Olympics. What was his need for algebra as a champion swimmer? If he invested the money from his sponsors he would never have to get a job.

The beauty of having a patient with ADHD or ADD is all that you can teach him or her–and all you can learn from that person. I had the good fortune of helping a teenager adjust to life and school for an entire year. I taught and she inspired.