Why Video Therapy Far More Effective Than In-Person

If you want to study the elephant, would you learn more at the zoo or in its natural habitat? It is the same with people. As a counselor I can learn much more about my clients by video in their home. They are more authentic because they are more relaxed and probably wearing something comfortable. They are not driving in heavy traffic and bad weather. They know that their home has not been destroyed by the tornado roaming around out there, their cars are safe from hail and their children and pets are safe. In my office they would most likely have more pretense than at home. Seldom do couples fight like cats and dogs in my office while they could be when I tune in with them on video. When I tune into a horrible fight with screaming and cursing, stomping around, maybe throwing a chair, I express appreciation later for having had the opportunity to witness that. At home, they get to relax on their favorite chair or couch. Maybe the cat is lying in a lap purring while being stroked and that makes them more relaxed and at home. Sometimes they give me a tour of their home without tidying up so I can see what effects their environment can have. Maybe they will let me witness the normal chaos of babies crying or kids fussing and dogs barking. I never thought about these advantages when shunning video counseling. My fear was not being able to read body language in that tiny screen, but all I see on screen far outweighs the little I could observe in my office. But is it as fun on screen? Yes, it can be more fun.

And there are other benefits. In my office I was constrained to certain days and times. Now I offer clients appointments seven days a week from 11am to 8pm and could make allowances before and after on occasion. So don’t put off getting the help you need. And remember that once you learn the Six Skills you won’t need further counseling except to deepen your love. For more helpful articles view https://counselingservicesatlanta.com