What You Don’t Know Hurts You Every Day

“What I don’t know won’t hurt me” is a lie. Much of what you don’t know is hidden in your unconscious mind as old memories and emotions. When you attempt to make a change for the good in the present, you trigger an old belief, attitude or way of acting in the past that is stored in the unconscious mind. The old power takes control of your current attempt so that you cannot get what you want. A good example is a couple that argues about something that they cannot resolve. What happens is the present event of argument triggers an old emotion that then is felt in the present. That old feeling is then thought to be caused by a person or thing in the present. That person or thing then is defined as the “reason” for the endless argument. The couple works to resolve that “reason”. It does not work. What they must do is identify the older controlling memory and emotion and eradicate or control it. Only professional counselors who have been trained to do this can resolve the present, endless argument

Another example is a young man running track in college. He is having trouble breaking his older record from high school. His attempts in the present trigger his discouragement felt in high school and that feeling of discouragement takes control of his present determination to run faster. The harder he tries in the present, the more he triggers the past emotion and the more discouraged he becomes. He must enlist a professional counselor trained to discover and eradicate the older controlling emotion.

Every day I work with individuals, families and couples who cannot get what they want because of old triggered emotions that take control. Call me for a complimentary session where we can discuss what you are attempting to accomplish. Allow me to help you eradicate or control the old so that you can have the new.
Lane A. Stokes L.P.C., S.M.H.C., M.Div., M.S., C.P.E.