We All Know That You Cheat

If you watched a $10 bill fall from another’s pocket or got paid more from a bank withdrawal than you requested, would you keep it? Did you ever cheat on a test in school or maybe the SAT in college? Have you ever omitted earned income on your tax return? Ever had an extramarital affair? If you have done some of these or would if given the chance, then you are a cheater. Being a cheater is built into your character or sense of integrity and people with intuition can sense it like a dog or shark can sense when you are afraid of it. A wife’s intuition knows if her husband is having an affair like the dog knows you are afraid. She may try to ignore her intuition but she knows.

In counseling sessions my clients often talk about not being able to trust a finance or mate. Reasons given are varied, such as too much flirtation, pornography, friendships with opposite sex, or visiting strip clubs. These may be real, but they are unnecessary if the person is a cheater. That person exhibits evidence of cheating in words and actions all the time.

Therapy can be used successfully in working through issues of cheating, but only when the cheater tells the truth about the cheating. Hiding what is evident only makes it worse and impossible to clear up. A love relationship or marriage can survive cheating but the marriage will be lifeless and pointless. Go to a professional counselor and learn how to become trustworthy so that you can experience the love and intimacy you so desire.