The Old Jukebox

Do you remember the old jukebox? You slipped in a nickel, punched the number of your desired song, watched the record rise to the needle, heard the music coming from the speaker and felt the emotion that the song elicited. Your Unconscious Mind works like that old jukebox. You are currently attempting to do something good for yourself, that triggers an event from the past, the event is pulled from the memory that disturbs you, an old emotion takes control of your present desire and prevents you from doing that good thing for you. The only way to stop that unconscious sabotage is to find that old event and corresponding emotion and eradicate or control it. The average person does not know how. Only a professional counselor trained to find old forgotten memories stored in the unconscious mind can stop the old control and allow the new to succeed.

In the past 33 years, every client who has come to me for counseling needed for me to stop his or her unconscious mind from preventing him or her from having what was wanted in the present. Those clients had a wide array of needs: to have a happier relationship, to learn how to talk through problematic issues, to overcome the fear of intimacy to have a more loving marriage, to become better parents, to enjoy better communication with few arguments, to feel more appreciated and acknowledged, to have a peace that pervades home and work, to feel heard, to love others unselfishly, to experience a growing intimacy, to have more satisfying sex, and the list went on and on.

It has always amazed me how many years a person will put off going to counseling to free self from unconcious control. After years of struggle to make some aspect of life bearable, the average person will think about going to counseling. More years will pass before that person will call for an appointment. Just before the appointment the person will cancel and go another year of two in misery. Finally, the person goes to counseling and gets what was wanted and needed all those years. Then they wonder why they didn’t get help sooner.
My advice? Find a good counselor to help you disconnect every button in your old jukebox. Never let anything “punch your buttons” again. Get what you want immediately and enjoy a longer, happier life. Call me. I know how to disconnect those buttons. Read how I do it in article “How I Free You From Your Unconscious Control.

Lane A Stokes, L.P.C., S.M.H.C., M.Div., M.S., C.P.E.