St Paul’s Dilemma

The Apostle Paul stated his dilemma as: “That which I want to do I cannot, and that which I do not want to do, I do.” The concept of Unconscious Mind had not come into being 2000 years ago in Paul’s time, so we do not find “Unconscious Mind” in the Bible. But his dilemma can be explained by our understanding of the Unconscious Mind.
What do you want to do? That list can be endless. You want to build a happy, loving marriage; you want to cause others to accept and like you, you want to be able to trust your mate, you want to show more appreciation to your mate, you want to be a happy person, you want to be a positive and optimistic person, you want to have more courage, you want to be able to forgive or love yourself, you want to give up your need to control or be right all the time, you want more sexual intimacy, you want more intimate conversations with your mate. You want to do all these because you can not. “That which I want to do, I cannot.”

What do you not want to do that you continue to do? I want to stop cheating on my wife, I want to stop drinking every night, I want to stop fussing and screaming at my husband, I want to stop feeling unhappy, I want to stop feeling worthless, I want to stop punishing my family for my mistakes, I want to stop blaming my children, I want to stop being defensive, I want to stop being so perfect, I want to stop feeling superior, I want to stop being so angry, I want to stop feeling like a failure. You want to stop all these bad things you do because you cannot stop yourself from doing them. “That which I do not want to do, I do.”

Your Unconscious Mind is controlling you in ways you cannot control. Old beliefs, attitudes and decisions are controlling you every time a current action triggers the old into action. You are not trained in how to detect when your unconscious is controlling you and how to stop that control. I am– because I have 12 years of the finest education and training and 33 years of private practice in honing my skills. Why waste your life not having what you want? Why allow your stubborness to make your family unhappy? Call me. Let me give you a complimentary hour to tell me what you want that you have not been able to get for yourself.
Lane A Stokes, L.P.C., S.M.H.C., M.Div., M.S., C.P.E.