Partial List of What Your Unconscious Mind Might Sabotage

  1. Courage

  2. Feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence

  3. Peace of mind

  4. Determination

  5. Sleep

  6. Good communication

  7. Trust

  8. Decisiveness

  9. Hope

  10. Happiness

  11. Sexual desire

  12. Being heard

  13. Positive emotions

  14. Feeling appreciated

  15. Expectations

  16. Resolution

  17. Sense of Well-being

  18. Feelings of recognition

  19. Feelings of independence

  20. Forgiveness

  21. Feeling safe

  22. Feelings of intimacy

  23. Feeling important

  24. Feeling needed

  25. Success

It is not that the Unconscious Mind is some kind of evil force whose purpose is to hurt or harm. The Unconscious Mind is more a repository of old thoughts, attitudes, actions, feelings, behaviors made memories by passage of time when the conscious mind thinks that it is discarding them because it is replacing them with more current ways of thinking or doing. The problem is that these old thoughts and emotions can be triggered by current events into taking control of the mind, overpowering the conscious mind as it were. An example is that when the person currently becomes determined to run faster to win a race that thought can trigger an old feeling of discouragement that came earlier in life when the child did not have the energy or desire to run faster. It is the old memory becoming more real than the present thought of running faster. These old beliefs, attitudes, actions, feelings, behaviors and memories can be discovered by a therapist trained to do so and eradicated or controlled so they never can be triggered again. Because the stigma that counseling is only for the weak or sick continues to prevent people from calling on the experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and counseling to do what they alone have been trained to do—disengage the old from being triggered.

Lane A Stokes, L.P.C., S.M.H.C., M.Div., M.S., C.P.E.