Non-Stigma Marriage Counseling

For as long as I can remember, there has been a nasty stigma attached to marriage counseling. Clients who benefited from marriage counseling would not tell their family or friends they were in counseling because that was viewed as a weakness or failing. So their family and friends could have marriage problems and get the wrong counselor because this couple would not recommend one that had helped them.

Couples using my Six Skills counseling programs do not feel any stigma. They are happy to share their results with anybody and are proud of it. Why? Because this program is more like a marriage enrichment course. It teaches the couple six skills necessary for a solid, loving and intimate relationship. No matter the troubles that drive the couple to learn the skills, the program is not viewed as divorce prevention or traditional marriage counseling. As a matter of fact, couples with good marriages profit from learning the skills. They make a happy marriage even happier. It is primarily about communication. What relationship doesn’t need a little tweaking of communication?

Learn more at If you have questions, feel free to email me at Only residents of the State of Georgia, USA are eligible to take the course, although this may change soon. All sessions are done by video or phone. I have found that telemental counseling is far superior to in-person.