MARRIED COUPLES is the most powerful expression of love and intimacy known. It is a daily expression of love in action. With good counseling, each learns to talk about even the most difficult and painful subjects calmly, honestly and candidly. This constant risking builds an intimacy of love that brings about the other nine modules so necessary to produce what I call the Wonderful Marriage. Beginning with basic conversations about uncomfortable subjects, the couple digs deeper into layers of emotions to feel totally fulfilled and confident. Marriage Counseling is absolutely necessary to bring about this Wonderful Marriage because the counselor acts as guide, referee and coach to give each mate equal time to express concerns and to feel heard. Loving one another with determination to bring the two together as one, each feels appreciated for who he or she is and acknowledged for what he or she does. A perfect peace pervades both home and work. Trust is deepened as each meets the other’s needs unselfishly. Each greets the other when he or she comes home with the same enthusiasm the family dog does and this enthusiasm of love creates sex more passionate than in the beginning when she captured those moments in a silver box.


Married Couple is more than two people falling in love. It is a sounding like whales from a great distance, deep calling out to deep, each finding a soul mate. Couples do not realize why exactly they are attracted at first, but over the years become fascinated with the growing awareness of why the other is so perfect for the meeting of needs and strengthening for the long journey “Til death do us part.” Those who love deeply are constantly seeking ways to love the other, being patient as the other grows and ever looking for ways to grow in the same direction. Over a lifetime, each changes in ways big and small. Marriage is about loving the other no matter what happens and finding ways to stay committed to each other in every way. The Wonderful Marriage is not for the weak but for the strong, for those who run the race every day with the determination to win the prize of endless love.