• Marriage Counseling is Necessary to attain the Wonderful Marriage defined on the Home Page. Every couple engages in misunderstandings and arguments due to beliefs and attitudes of which they are unaware and that only a good marriage counselor can identify. Only when the counselor identifies and helps to control or eliminate these beliefs, attitudes and remarks in conversation can peace pervade home and work life by preventing unnecessary arguments. These are beliefs belonging to each individual and are seldom found in generalized books or seminars having to do with marriage.


  • Marriage Counseling is Necessary to cause each in a marriage to say certain things that are not being said. Husbands especially find it impossible to say certain words or phrases that the wife needs to hear and sometimes it is the wife that needs to say them. When I do divorce recovery counseling I find that the main reason for the divorce was that neither in the couple had the courage to say certain things that needed to be said. The counselor thus becomes a coach as well as a therapist in coaxing each to utter certain words.


  • So many things are needed as couples adjust to the compromising nature of marriage. Changes are taking place every day as bodies to through transitions, minds change beliefs and attitudes, children change the mix, in-laws get in the way, couples argue over chores, and on and on and on. Couples are kidding themselves if they think that can have a really happy and loving marriage by themselves. Why, even more often than most would think, the man gets tired of initiating sex every time and assigns that task to his wife without telling her. Weeks go by without sex. You think that doesn’t cause problems?


  • A Marriage Counselor is not just a helpful person when big problems occur. A Marriage Counselor is necessary before you get married and all along for the rest of one’s life if the marriage is to run like a Ferrari.
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Lane Stokes, Marriage Counselor, Roswell GA