Increase Productivity by Preventing Employee Divorce

Divorces are silently brewing all around us in our families, friends, co-workers and employees. For you, the employer, the biggest problem is loss of productivity as your employee is constantly distracted by worry over loss of love and support, displacement of children and unhappiness of in-laws. For your employee, the greatest problem is finding a Marriage Counselor capable of preventing or stopping that divorce before or after a divorce attorney has been seen. The new trend is that by the time the word “divorce” has crept into the many marital arguments, the couple has accumulated 30 issues or more that overwhelm and send them to a divorce attorney for relief. Traditional marriage counseling cannot provide the same quick relief an attorney can in this new trend toward divorce. This is why Divorce Prevention Therapy was developed.

Divorce Prevention Therapy identifies up to 30 issues and begins resolving them during the first session. Couples feel hope and stay married. We offer both in-office therapy in Roswell and encrypted cellphone video therapy anywhere in Georgia. Call 770-809-6351 for more information or complimentary consultation.

Lane A. Stokes, L.P.C., S.M.H.C., C.P.E., M.Div., M.S. 32 years in private practice

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