How I Free You From Your Unconscious Control

1. Spend a complimentary hour face to face with you to determine what you want and what is stopping you. Both Conscious and Unconscious issues are noted.
2. After you leave, I write a verbatim report of what you said, what I said, etc.
3. For 2 or 3 hours that week I reflect on what you said, write a schedule of goals to reach from most urgent to least urgent.
4. Meet that next week for the first session to learn more information and to begin resolving pressing issues. Take copious notes.
5. Each week spend 2 or 3 hours reflecting on best ways to most efficiently resolve issues in meeting on-going goals. There is no waiting for the client to come up with something to talk about. That schedule will have been written during the first two meetings.
6. Sessions are conversational, non-judgemental, encouraging, and humorous to make progress as unstressful and fun as possible.
7. I usually work toward partially resolving up to six issues during each session.
8. I normally make as much progress in three months as most traditional counselors effect in one year. Do the math: 12 sessions times $190 = $2280 or 52 sessions times $160 = $8320. That’s a savings of $6040 when paying $190 a session plus 40 less appointments taking your time.
My clients more quickly get deeper into emotions than with most traditional counselors. I teach my clients the skill of talking through issues as they happen. I have a model for a good marriage defined in 11 modules for those wanting a better marriage than before.
9. I only work with clients who are as serious about their progress as I. Clients are expected to come for counseling every week.

Lane A Stokes, L.P.C.,S.M.H.C., M.Div., M.S., C.P.E.