How is Divorce Like a Tsunami?

How is divorce like a Tsunami? A tsunami is a series of great waves caused by underwater disturbances in the ocean that travel thousands of miles undetected until they can suddenly be seen rising to enormous heights in shallower water. A divorce is caused by a series of unresolved issues that remain undetected until they suddenly overwhelm the couple with thoughts of divorce. By the time the word “divorce” pops up in marital arguments, it is generally too late to resolve those many issues by traditional marriage counseling to save the marriage. This was precisely why Divorce Prevention Therapy was developed.

Unlike traditional marriage counseling, this new advanced form of marriage counseling identifies up to 30 unresolved issues in the first session and perhaps that many ineffective methods of communication used by the couple, and begins resolving them in the first session. When the couple experiences resolution, they feel hopeful and usually decide to stay married. This new therapy is now available anywhere in Georgia through cellphone video counseling, user friendly and encrypted for confidentiality. Call 770-809-6351 for more information or complimentary consultation.