CHILDREN & TEENS Introduction

Do you understand that when Children play, it is their work?  Through that play at home and school they learn much of what they need to carry them through life. You understand, then, that the work of a teen is discovering his or her own values to form one’s own distinct personality? In our culture, both children and teenagers confide in their peers and make them guides for some of their most important decisions that determine their futures. Do you want children to determine your child’s futures? Of course not. You want your children and teenagers to confide in you, to trust your advice and wisdom. But how?

That’s where counselors like me become valuable. We can gain the confidence of your children or teenagers until we can convince them to trust you and your wisdom. Read the following pages to learn more about your children and teens and why they don’t trust you or confide in you. Contact me when I can be of service in your attempts to re-gain the trust of your children and teenagers.

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