Chaos of Not Knowing Dominant Emotion

Chaos of Not Knowing Dominant Emotion

What happens when the dominant emotion is not known and success is pursued? Chaos. Consider the many emotions one might use to reach a goal.

     The Root Emotions for Reaching a Goal

Root emotions vary per whoever states them. For this purpose they are nine. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Guilt, Shame, Helpless, Hopeless, and Despair.

     When the Root Emotion is Sadness

Let us say that a person has just gotten a sales job. His dominant emotion is sadness. His sales manager may insist that he start early in the morning. He must learn to get over his fear of cold-calling. Expression of enthusiasm is necessary. The avoidance of negative thoughts is necessary. Negative thoughts are produced by the emotions of sadness, helpless, hopeless, and despair. That manager may also suggest that the new salesperson overcome his fear. He must have bigger expectations and therefore set big goals and stick to them. Procrastinating, must be stopped. Calls must be planned effectively using a smart phone. At every weekly sales meeting that sales manager will shame him for not being the top producer. This will make him feel anxious and afraid that he will be let go. What a nightmare! Think of the time and energy he must expel to do all these things. His manager will insist on them. They are the tried-and-true methods of success for the sales industry. What would happen if he used only his dominant emotion of sadness?

     Some Great Salespersons Have Sadness as Dominant

Some of the best salespersons are those with the dominant emotion of sadness. They usually do not have high energy, high self-esteem or self-confidence of the more arrogant top producers. They often look depressed and their steps seem heavy, yet they press on slowly until they reach their quotas and support their family well. No energy is wasted on trying to do all the chaotic things mentioned above because they know that if they be who they are, they will succeed.

     To Learn Your Dominant Emotion

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