8 Skills

In 2019 when I discovered the 8 skills of relationships, I knew that Marriage Counseling as we have known it would soon become extinct. If these skills had been learned growing up, marriage counseling would never have been needed. The reason we don’t learn them growing up is because our parents didn’t know or use them. Generation after generation the problem has perpetuated itself. Now, in lieu of marriage counseling that resolves issues, the therapist ccould teach the couple the eight skills. The couple then could use them to resolve their own issues without the assistance of a professional counselor. Counseling will still be needed for issues such as addictions, mental illnesses and immorality, which are not considered relationship problems per se.
The exciting outcome will be that thousands of therapists will be able to help their clients to resolve their issues muc h faster and thus relieve their suffering in months instead of years. The better news is that the therapists can then assist their clients in enjoying the many benefits of the 8 skills.

This discovery came after 33 years of marriage and mental health counseling. I do not believe that I would have discovered those skills had I not been seeking more efficient methods of counseling, especially marital. My therapy was always different from most in that I took copious notes, studied the notes weekly, reflected daily, and did further research to learn better ways. It all began to culminate in the last three years. First came the discovery of causes for all issues treated, then how illsions tricked clients into believing that they possessed the 8 skills. From there it was easy to see what the individual could become by practicing those skills.

This first and subsequent discoveries revolutionized my counseling. In many ways it will revolutionize the counseling profession. One hugely important change is that it removes the stigma long associated with counseling, especially marital. Learning 8 skills will not carry the stigma that somethings is wrong with those in counseling. The purpose will be learning new ways of improving one’s life. It is marriage enrichment.