The purpose of friendship is to meet the human need to be known. I will know that this one person will come to know my strengths and weakness, and most importantly, my unique qualities that others will never see. He or she will learn to love me unconditionally, will not be judgmental and will always be happy to help me work through the trials of life. If time or space parts us even for years, when we call or meet again there will be no need to explain why I have done a certain thing for he or she will know, because he knows ME. Friendships last for years, decades and even a lifetime and when we lose that friend the emotional loss can equal that of the loss of a parent because in many ways, my friend has known more about me and accepted me more than my parents. Friendship also smacks of my need for immortality; my need to be remembered past my death, for friends will pass along their best memories of me to their children and their children to their children. Friends are never sexual partners because emotional hurt involving sex can rip apart all that one has gained. The trouble is, finding a good friend is almost impossible. We can’t just go out one day in search of making a good friend. They seem to magically come to us out of the blue and that formation of friendship does not come about by anything we do. That friend is a gift from God. All we have to do is cherish him or her.


Lane A Stokes

Licensed Professional Counselor

Roswell GA 800-989-8037