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Premarital Counseling


Premarital counseling for Protestants has normally been one or two complimentary sessions with the pastor who is to perform the marriage service. For Catholics, it is usually a long process that is very effective in stopping couples who are unsuited for marriage or bringing about the union of marriage for those who are. It is one major reason so few Catholics divorce. I developed such a program called “Marriage Insurance” but found that by the time a couple was ready for premarital counseling they were already deeply in love, having sex and the “unseens” were in control, making the counseling useless. So, I changed my focus for bringing about a marriage as described on the Home Page of this website.


I focused first on helping singles make better choices in dating and held them accountable to what they wanted and needed in a mate until they were well established in a relationship ready for marriage. This dating accountability became the first step toward having a Wonderful Marriage. More information may be found on my website Datesuccessfully.com.

Second, I used a very effective method of enabling those already married to achieve the Wonderful Marriage defined on the Home Page.

Third, I developed an individual Divorce Recovery Program to enable divorcees to move toward having this Wonderful Marriage. My motto was “A good divorce recovery program is the beginning of a wonderful marriage.” One can learn more on my website DivorceRecoveryRoswell.com.


If you are planning on having good premarital counseling as a prelude to having a good marriage, start that counseling before having sex and certainly before getting married. Part of my premarital counseling is an assessment of personality conflicts to determine if you should get married. Part of that assessment is projecting how your relationship will change for the first year after you marry. My experience is that couples who ignore both parts of the assessment get a divorce in the first six months to a year. Call me at 404-487-1956 or email lanestokes18@yahoo.com for a free consultation by phone to talk about this very important decision you are facing.

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