Premarital Counseling


Premarital counseling for Protestants has normally been one or two complimentary sessions with the pastor who is to perform the marriage service. For Catholics, it is usually a long process that is very effective in stopping or bringing about the union of marriage. I developed such a program called “Marriage Insurance” but found that by the time a couple was ready for premarital counseling they were already deeply in love, having sex and the love chemicals were in control, making the counseling useless. So, I changed my focus for bringing about a marriage as described on the Home Page of this website.

I focused first on helping singles make better choices in dating and held them accountable to what they wanted and needed in a mate until they were well established in a relationship ready for marriage. This dating accountability became the first step toward having a Wonderful Marriage. More information may be found on my website

Second, I used a very effective method of enabling those already marred to achieve the Wonderful Marriage defined on the Home Page.

Third, I developed an individual Divorce Recovery Program to enable divorcees to move toward having this Wonderful Marriage. My motto was “A good divorce recovery program is the beginning of a wonderful marriage. One can learn more on my website

If you were planning on having good premarital counseling as a prelude to having a good marriage, start out before you tie the knot in marriage counseling with me and get off to a better start. I can teach you about a phenomenon that occurs when you tie the knot of which many professionals and counselors are aware, but who do not know how to prepare you for the destruction it causes. I believe this phenomenon causes at least 50% of first year divorces. Call me at 800-989-8037 or email for a free consultation by phone.