Picture-marriage-coun-wedding-ring-holding-hands Married Couples

Married Couples

Marriage is the most important decision a couple could ever make. As each seeks to love the other selflessly, his or her needs are met as well. It is a relationship of vows that act as glue to hold the couple together in times of stress as they learn to define the identity and roles of husband and wife in a changing society. Marriage is a safe place where each encourages the growth of the other, providing security, encouragement, strength and love. This sanctuary is made possible only by trust, as each is confident that the other will resist the temptation to love another. Each accepts and is accepted for differences as well as likenesses. The ceremony is only the beginning of a lifetime of getting to know each other as each strives to bring out the best in the other. When and if children become integral to the marriage, the parents prepare for the event and ever strive to accept their roles of maturity and good judgment to provide for the needs and wants of those fragile ones.   Marriage is a special relationship.



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